define an essay in the form of a doorstop. ?

The assigned book is The Odyssey translated by Robert Fagles TOPIC: it was to long to fit all in the topic section… The Odyssey stands both as a “teaching work” and as a “manual for societal interaction.” In what ways are both of these strategies similar and in what ways are they different? Give examples from the text to demonstrate your position. Guidelines and Parameters: 1. The essay should be between 5-7 pages. To be 5 pages, the essay must reach the 2nd line on page 6. If you are a page or so beyond 7, that’s okay. But, don’t give me an essay in the form of a doorstop. Try AS HARD AS YOU CAN to be concise. Remember: concise arguments tend to be easier to follow, thereby more understandable, and thereby more persuasive. 2. Either use a title page or have a VERY SIMPLE heading at the top of the first page. 3. Double-spaced, with one inch margins (make sure to check this in your word processing program, as they often default to 1.25”). Please make sure that the program doesn’t put an extra space between the paragraphs. I find that annoying and it wastes space. You can fix that by using the “paragraph” tab in Microsoft Word. There is a little box that needs to be checked to “not put spaces between paragraphs.” 4. Insert page numbers in the lower right corner of your essay. 5. Have a title. It should be interesting;

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