define African American Struggle for Equality?

You are a practicing social worker and you’ve been invited to come talk about your topic to a social work class. Your presentation may be the only time that the class learns about your topic.What would you want a practicing social worker to know about this topic if your presentation was their first introduction to the social problem? Additional information the presentation should include graphic images as well, creativity is key! Create your own thread in this forum for your presentation. Use your social problem in the subject line of your thread. Format Your presentation can take whatever form you feel is appropriate. It may be a presentation with voice-over, a video, a website, etc. Presentation idea choose either one 1. Make a free website on Weebly 2. Create a Microsoft Sway project (part of Office 365) The paper is attached the presentation should be based off the paper, feel free to add relevant information that is not in the paper pertaining to the topic The African American Struggle for Equality.

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