Database Technologies

the following are tasks I want LO1 Understand data models and database technologies 1.1 critically compare different data models and schemas 1.2 critically discuss the benefits and limitations of different database technologies 1.3 analyse different approaches to database design LO2 be able to design and implement relational database systems 2.1 design a relational database system to meet a given requirement 2.2 build a relational database system based on a prepared design 2.3 apply a range of database tools and techniques to enhance the user interface LO3 be able to use manipulation and querying tools 3.1 explain the benefits of using manipulation and query tools in a relational database system 3.2 implement a query language into the relational database system 3.3 critically evaluate how meaningful data has been extracted through the use of query tools LO4 Be able to test and document relational database systems 4.1 critically review and test a relational database system 4.2 create documentation to support the implementation and testing of a relational database system 4.3 create user documentation for a developed relational database system 4.4 explain how verification and validation has been addressed 4.5 explain how control mechanisms have been used.

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