Data Warehousing

You are to select a book of your choice related to Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and/or Big Data to review and critique. The first page of this assignment should present a summary of the book and should be two pages double spaced. The summary should include three key points the author makes with specific examples and the author`s conclusions or recommendations. The remainder of the paper (maximum two additional pages) is your critique and critical analysis. You should discuss what the author(s) was/were trying to accomplish with the book, if it was successful, suggestions for improvement, etc.Your opinion should include what you liked, what you disliked, what you agrees with or disagreed with. You should also stress two key learning and how you understanding of the topic changed as a result of reading this book. Employ the course readings, other academic and credible book sources, and your own research to support your comments regarding the book. Part of the paper should note if you enjoyed the book, will you keep the book for your own library, and will you recommend the book to others. Note: I have uploaded sample assignment for your reference

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