Data Analysis

1-First make sure if you have "Data Analysis" under "Data" tab in your Excel. If you do not have it, go to "file" then "Options" choose "add-ins" then press "Go…`` button, tick the check box of "analysis toolpak" and "OK" . So you will have the "Data Analysis" under "Data".                                            
2-Find the "Question" worksheet, read the question. Each student will have one set of unique data by entering the "student number" in the provided box.                                            
3-After entering your student number in the box and having your data ready, you need to use "Regression" in "Data Analysis" to prepare Excel Regression output for scenario(a and b). Make sure that you use the (Y output) for "set-up Cost" column and (X output ) for cases "a" and "b" ,so you will have two regression outputs.Tick the "Labels" box if you select headings.                                            
3-Prepare Scatter plot for both scenarios(a and b) and the trendlines (requirement 2). If you do not know how, use the following link for help;                                              
4- Compare two scenarios (a and b) and complete your assignment by a conclusion and recommendation for the company to choose "number set-ups" or "number of set-up hours" as a cost driver.(requirement 3)                                            
5- Once you have all requirements ready, put them all in a Word file and upload it in "Moodle" and "turnitin" both. Instruction has been emailed to you by Barbara and you can find it as follows;

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