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Q1) Evaluate the company’s recent and overtime financial performance by analysing the companies

share price performance, financial statements and other relevant news during the last five years.

 Focus points:

1. Recent financial performance [past 2 years]

 choose a time frame (Look for any major public announcements)

2. Overtime financial performance [past 5 years]

- choose a time frame

Q2) Peer group comparison/industry analysis [only choose major competitors for discussion]

Q3) Analyse the company’s/industries current issues and explain the impact of these issues on the

company’s future earnings

1. At Macro Level

 general factors that apply for the industry (income, growth of the industry, govt. regulation etc.)

2. At Micro level

the company specific requirements (operation, level of debt, directions/goals, competition etc.)

Q4) Estimate the ROE of the company for last five years [for example; 2010-2015] using the

DuPont ROE approach.

 DuPont Analysis can be done using either of the following steps

 3 steps: Profit Margin, Total Asset Turnover and Financial Leverage

 5 steps: In addition, Interest Expense rate and Tax Retention Ratio

Refer to chapter 10 or Topic 5 Lecture slides for formulas

 Compare the financial performances of the company with its peer groups

 Choose 2 peer (competitor) companies for comparison

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