Cross Cultural Training Report

Cross Cultural Training Report

Cross Cultural Training ReportObjective: Before sending employees on international assignments, it is criticalthat organizations prepare future expats for their upcoming internationalexperience. This assignment provides an opportunity for learning teams toproduce an orientation report related to the cultural aspects of a selected countryto help prepare a potential expat for living and working in the foreignenvironment. All of the chapters covered in Ferraro will be helpful, but lookcarefully at Chapter 8.Context: Your team is a group of professional consultants hired by an Americanfirm to help prepare their employees for international assignments (“expatriates”or “expats”) to a selected country which is Greece.Your goal will be toorient the employees (classmates and instructor will substitute) to what it will belike to work as an expatriate resident in that country. You will want to choose aname for your cross cultural consulting firm, decide what country you want to“specialize” in prepping expats for, and put together a written report that coversthe requirements below. Most of all—have fun with this assignment!Content Requirements:Your report must cover the following elements:I.Introduction to Country XA.II.General country informationDoing Business in Country XA.B.C.Business structuresMaking business appointmentsBusiness meetingsFormat Requirements: Please submit your report as a Microsoft Worddocument or .PDF file. Sources should be referenced.The "style of your report should NOT be the typical double-spaced Times NewRoman academic format. It should formatted to be a professional, businessappropriate document. This should be treated as a consulting eliverable, not astudent paper.CCT Report Evaluation Rubric:Application of course content outside material40%Organization, writing, clarity20%Creativity of material and style of presentation20%Professionalism of report20%

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