Introduction to Criminology –Written Assignment Proposal Overview: Your written assignment proposal will be assessed using the following rubric. PLEASE ATTACH THIS PAGE TO YOUR ASSIGNMENT. Submission: Your assignment is to be submitted electronically through the Slate Dropbox as a WORD DOCUMENT Student Name: Grade  Summary (1.5 Marks)  Proposal provides a clear overview of the article. Reader has a clear understanding of the articles content.  Summary is not comprised of excessive quotes. 2) Impact on society/Policy solutions/Reflection (2.5 Marks)  Impact of society is clearly articulate in a manner that reflects an understanding of our course material. Central themes are well organized and issue discussed/critiqued is relevant to the assignments topic  Articles topic is connected to broader societal issues. Reader has a clear idea of why the issue is important within a local/regional or global context. 3) Writing/Technical Requirements (1 Mark)  spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.  word limit it met (400-500) double spaced pages, 12 pt font ‘Times New Roman’, 1 inch margins.  Title page with unique title is included Sources: Please note that you are not required to use outside sources in your proposal. You do need to provide a reference to your article (please include the article’s link if possible).

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