Criminal Procedure

 is a take home test and must be completed individually. Identical or closely similar answers will
be considered under the University’s plagiarism policy.
Please follow the following instructions:
• The take Home test is worth 15 % of your final grade. The page limit is 6 pages. Penalties will
be imposed for exceeding the page limit;
• Assignments must be submitted in Moodle, Tuesday 6 September 12:00pm (please note
there are no late submissions);
• In your answers refer to relevant sections of legislation and relevant case law where
• You do not need to use footnotes or a bibliography as long as you refer to relevant primary
sources in your text, the given readings or on Crimes Moodle page. i.e. statute sections, case
references (title/case name is enough). If you refer to material outside of this please include
a footnote reference; and
• There are four questions allocated marks are indicated; you should attempt all four
As this is a test there are NO extensions if you are unable to undertake or complete the test you
will need to apply for special consideration. If for some reason you do not finish the test, submit
what you have completed. The Criminal Procedure test is an essential requirement for Crimes, ie if
you do not submit a test you will gain an incomplete (IC) grade for Crimes.

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