Criminal Law

Gary is a heroin dealer.  Last night, Jenny, who is aged nineteen, and her sixteen year old sister, Kitty, bought heroin from him at his flat.  Gary prepared a syringe of heroin for each of them.  Jenny injected herself with the heroin. Jenny also injected Kitty, because Kitty’s hands were shaking and she was finding it difficult to inject herself.  Jenny and Kitty then went home to the house they lived in with their mother, Sandra.  Shortly afterwards, Kitty started having symptoms which Jenny and Sandra both recognised as the symptoms of heroin overdose.  Jenny and Sandra tried to take care of Kitty, but did not telephone for medical help, as they were worried that the police would become involved.  During the night, Kitty died as a result of the heroin overdose.Discuss the potential criminal liability of Gary, Jenny, and Sandra for Kitty’s death.In addition to the Level 4 criteria below, the assessment criteria will be based on the student’s knowledge and understanding of the law relating to causation and involuntary manslaughter, and on the student’s ability to apply this law to the problem scenario.

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