Criminal Justice System

Task: You must write a 1500 word essay on the following question
i.How are young offenders dealt with in the criminal justice system?
Specific Guidance: Before you start, have a copy of the Reading to hand.
Start your research by reading the appropriate sections in Newburn (2013) Criminology – the core text for the unit. Guided reading will help you develop the answer aided by relevant material listed in independent study. For example, Newburn’s Criminology has sections on classicism and positivism, and realism. In addition, he has sections on prisons in a number of areas – look carefully through the detailed contents – crime and the media, youth justice and crime prevention. By researching Carrabine et  al (2014) you can develop these ideas further in chapters 4 and 15, chapter 18, and chapter 20. Hale et al (2009) has similar sections. For the remaining questions, Davis et al (2010) for Youth Justice (Ch 8) and Hucklesby (2009) chapter 1 on Crime Prevention will add to your research. You will find these titles in the guided reading. The next stage is to select appropriate titles from the Independent Study list and where possible the list of articles. You will find specific texts on crime prevention, media and crime, and theory, while sections of others will address prisons and youth justice. A very useful source is the Oxford Handbook of Criminology.  By building your research from introductory to advanced reading you will develop an argument based on your understanding of the evidence.
As you can see from the above guidance, each question demands from you systematic research. This cannot be done in a day, and if you try, this will lead to short-cuts such as cutting and pasting from the web and certain failure. Give yourself ample time to research, write and demonstrate your abilities.

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