Contemporary Accounting Theory

Identify critical issues in the accounting and accounting theory.
 Explain the financial reporting environment especially with respect to corporate social reporting.
 Critically assess the reporting practices of the two case companies
Provide a report summarising the purpose of Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) by referring to the Global Reporting Initiatives` (GRI) Sustainability Framework (G3.1).
[Note: you may include in your summary report - a clear description of what sustainability reporting is, what the GRI is doing, and critical assessment the success of their effort to date].
Task 2
Identify two ASX Top-500 companies multinational companies (available at and compare their reporting on economic, environmental and social aspects in their annual reports and standalone sustainability reports for the reporting year ending 2014.
[Note: Download their annual report for the reporting period ending 2014 to complete these tasks]
Task 3
Discuss how the two companies (discussed in Task 2 above) managed `legitimacy` through reporting (i.e. CSR information disclosure) from the perspectives of systems oriented theories.

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