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consult the syllabus if you are not certain what Milestone is?

26 / 01 / 2019 Certificate III In Patisserie

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Papers are to be single-sided, typed in a 12 point standard font (Times New Roman or Arial), double-spaced, with one inch margins and page numbers. No title pages or bibliographies are necessary. Submit the paper using the link provided under our Week 6 section (under Paper, click on View/Complete). Papers are due, at the very latest, by the Sunday night of Week 6. No later papers are accepted. Do not email me your paper. It must be submitted to our Canvas site.When writing, you must support your own ideas by citing short passages from the primary documents in our class Milestone Documents online collection (consult the syllabus if you are not certain what Milestone is). Please note, however, these citations should be short (ranging from just part of a sentence to a full sentence or two at the very most). Be sure to include the cited text inside quotation marks (showing the reader you are not using your own words), and then place Milestone Documents and the name of the particular passage in parentheses. For example, if you were discussing the differences between the historical writing of Herodotus and Thucydides, you would cite a passage from the online reader in the following manner:Whereas Thucydides’ histories were written in a detached, unemotional and objective manner, focusing mainly on causation and the motives of statesman, Herodotus frequently explained historical events using supernatural and mythical concepts. For instance, in his description of the Battle of Marathon, Herodotus evoked the Olympian gods when he described how the Athenians as their camp at Marathon had been pitched in a precinct of Hercules, so now they encamped in another precinct of the same god at Cynosarges.” (Milestone Documents, Herodotus: The Battle of Marathon)No secondary sources of any kind (not even the introductions to and overview of the primary sources) should be quoted and cited. If you are uncertain about what exactly constitutes a primary source, please consult the links on our class homepage under the module Course Materials. Do not quote and cite the textbook, or information you noted in lecture. You may draw upon what you have learned in lecture, from the videos or textbook as background material, but the information you use from them must be put in your own words. The use of any sources other than the primary sources from our specific course collection of Milestone Documents is not permitted (this is explicitly not a research paper, but an exercise in primary source analysis). However, be sure you are always writing in your own words, and not stealing the words of others. That’s plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will not only receive an “F” for the paper, but you will also be subject to disciplinary action by the Dean’s office.Topics (choose one):1. What was life like for women in the ancient and early-modern world? Compare and contrast (don’t just describe, but analyze) the roles that women played in the economic, political, religious and social life of the following four civilizations: Egypt, India, pre-Christian Israel, and Europe (Renaissance and/or Reformation Europe). In your discussion, include relevant primary source quotes and their corresponding citations from at least four different readings in our class Milestone Documents specific selection of readings.2. Compare and contrast the religions of the ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Romans, and early Muslims. What was the relationship between people and their God or gods? Among other things, be sure to include in your answer a discussion of religious texts (whether or not they existed, and who had access to them), and the role of religion in the social make-up of the civilization (were there any priestly classes or castes?). In your discussion, include relevant primary source quotes and their corresponding citations from at least four different readings in our class Milestone Documents specific selection of readings.

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