• Consistency—are the data defined consistently across countries?

•    Consistency—are the data defined consistently across countries?
•    Methodology—do all countries use the same method to collect the data?
•    Coverage—do the data cover similar parts of the population?
•    Time period—do the data refer to the same time period?
Choice of countries
•    Comparability—are countries sufficiently similar to support comparison?
Presentation and interpretation
•    Presentation—are the data presented appropriately?
Explanation—is the variation between countries adequately explained?
Underlying differentials—are differences within countries considered?
Context—can the data be used outside of an international comparison?
You are to research and analyse health care performance data in at least two countries one of which must be Australia (if you are studying in Australia) or Singapore (if you are studying in Singapore) and write an essay of 3000 words comparing the following five (5) areas for each country.  
Be careful to pick the other country that is comparable and has the quality of data required to complete the comparison.  
The areas for comparision are listed below:
1.    Funding System (including health insurance systems)
2.    Governance System
3.    Selected Population Health Indicators
a.    Maternal Mortality Rate
b.    Infant Mortality Rate
c.    Life Expectancy at Birth
4.    Health Status
5.    Health System Performance
1.    % GDP Spent on Health
2.    Define each of the following measures and provide the results and commentary for comparison that the countries use to demonstrate that health care is:
i.    Acceptable
ii.    Appropriate
iii.    Effective
iv.    Efficient
v.    Safe

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