Company’s Customer Relations

Q1 Gym Bunnees owns 10 fitness centres spread across a large city, and they have employed you to develop a suitable questionnaire and carry out a survey of their gym users.  The file gymquestions.pdf contains a preliminary set of questions developed by the company’s customer relations manager which will form the basis of the questionnaire to be used in the survey process.
(a) Classify the responses to each of the following questions in the file as categorical or numerical. If numerical, state whether discrete or continuous; if categorical, state whether nominal or ordinal.
b) Explain briefly what is wrong with Question 4 and re-write the question and/or its answers to remove the fault
c) The customer relations manager is considering two different methods of distributing the survey:
(i) Mail the questionnaire out to 60 customers randomly selected from the customer database.
(ii)Choose two out of the ten centres randomly and hand out questionnaires at those two branches only.
Discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of each method, including the name given to each method.
Q2 The data file gdppp.xls contains the gross domestic product per person (GDPPP) of 118 countries measured in US$1000s, together with the year when the GDPPP was measured. 
(a) Construct a % frequency distribution for the gross domestic product per person and use this to complete the table below
b) In Excel, construct a histogram illustrating the frequency distribution, and insert this into your assignment. Comment on what it shows.
(c) Calculate summary statistics for the data and use them to complete the table below
(d) Using the appropriate variables in gdppp.xls, draw side-by-side boxplots comparing the distributions of the GDP per person for each of the years in which they were measured. Comment on what they show.
Q3 The file NZIS.xls contains a sample of 11315 responses from the 2003 New Zealand Employment Survey (Source:  Statistics New Zealand website)
(a)Construct a pivot table with Ethnicity as the row variable and Highest_qualification as the column variable 
)    Use your pivot table to construct a contingency table showing percentages in each ethnicity category by highest qualification.  This means that each row of your table should add up to 100%.

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