Company and Financial Reporting

1) Equity/Shareholders’ funds: Comment on the recognition and disclosure of share capital
in the chosen company according to the requirements of AASB 101 Presentation of
Financial Statements
• List the components of Shareholder’s Fund/Equity presented in the annual report
of the chosen company, providing details of changes during the financial year
• Determine whether the company has reclassified any financial instrument as an
equity instrument during the observed financial year. Explain why it is import to
classify funds appropriately as debt or equity
• Comment on any items that are recorded against equity rather than as part of profit
and loss
• Does the company provide you with sufficient information to assess its
2) Related Party Disclosures: you should use AASB 2 Share-based Payment and AASB 124
Related Party Disclosures as the guidelines as your discussions.
• Discuss what related party is and what related party transaction is. Give at least
one example of related party transaction reported in the chosen company
• Do you think that related party disclosures are important to investors? Discuss.
• Briefly outline the components of CEO and key personnel remuneration in the
chosen company
• Evaluate whether the amount of CEO and key personnel remuneration is
associated with the performance of the chosen company

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