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A. You are required to choose one of the companies below and do some    research into its background and activities. If you wish to choose your own company this should be approved by your lecturer. The report can be completed individually or in a group of maximum of two students.


B.While you are reviewing the details you should think about the list of auditing aspects below and decide which ones relate to the company you chose.


      You will need to read the text book and do some research on specific auditing issues related to aspects below to make sure you understand what they mean


• The audit expectation gap

• The role of the audit committee

• Ethics

• The role of internal auditing in external audits

• Materiality & risk

• Audit evidence

• Audit planning

• The auditor’s legal environment

• Others please review with lecturer

C.  Write a report based on your research above. You will notice that a brief presentation is due week 6 to ensure you have the right approach, and a final report is due in Week 10. Word limit: 1500 words


D. The report should consist of:

 Title page

 Executive summary

 Table of Contents

 Introduction

 Discussion

 Conclusions

 References

 Appendices


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