Commercial Applications of Company Law

Book Name:C 2016 Author:Pamela Hanrahan, Ian Ramsay, Geof Stapledon THIS assignment is To allow students to demonstrate their ability to research and apply basic concepts and principles of company law, and to analyse and synthesise information in accordance with those concepts and principles. Topic: Application of the Corporations Act Research Requirements:Students need to support their analysis from the text and the Corporations Act. PART 1 - 15% Register a Proprietary Limited CO.You should refer to Section 117 of the Corp. Act, complete an APPLICATION FORM and and prepare all relevant consents NB section 117(2).You must also create a share register NB sections 167, 168 and 169. PREPARE a CONSTITUTION - refer to sections 134 and 135.Your company`s INTERNAL MANAGEMENT is to be governed by a COMBINATION of replaceable rules and a constitution. THE CONSTITUTION MUST ONLY MAKE PROVISION FOR A CLASS OF REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE SHARES- NB sections 254A(2) and (3) of the Corp Act. PART 2 - 15 %. RESEARCH then EXPLAIN the REASON and JUSTIFICATION for the following sections of the Corp Act :- SECTION 124; SECTION 129(1) and SECTION 588M(3). Your analysis of each section is worth 5% .WORD LIMIT -aprox 200 words per section. NB DO NOT copy the section into your answer. NB DO NOT copy and paste the constitution from any source

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