Clinical Practice

Assessment: To be submitted: 800 word reflective writing piece Reflective practice is seen as a means of improving clinical practice and consequently quality of care, through exploring and evaluating one’s understanding of a problem rather than simply trying to solve it (Leung, Pluye, Grad, & Weston, 2010). Reflective practice is crucial in continuous development and re-assessment of skills when working in health care. A reflective practitioner: • Reflects on feedback and integrates changes into practice. • Reflects on how own perceptions, attitudes and beliefs impact on practice. • Identifies knowledge deficits and seeks clarification. • Ensures procedures for safety and quality assurance are implemented. To be submitted: • Choose one lifespan stage (e.g. childhood, adolescence, older adulthood) that you would find most challenging when working in a health and human services setting. Reflecting on your learning throughout this semester, which two health related concepts that can impact interactions and/or behaviour (e.g. memory, intelligence, psychological disorders, behaviours change, social psychology, health-risk behaviours) would you personally find most challenging when working with an individual in the identified lifespan stage? Why? • With regard to your own personal thoughts, feelings or beliefs about these challenging behaviours, how might you modify your own thoughts and/or behaviour in order to continue to work effectively with this individual in the identified lifespan stage?

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