clinical encounter that you assessed during the practicum?

Use YouSeeU to record the audio and video portion of your presentation. After recording your video, assign your slides to the appropriate time in the video.
To set up your account with YouSeeU, review Getting Started with YouSeeU. Follow YouSeeUs Individual Video Instructions to learn how to submit your assignment. Closed captioning is provided.
This assignment requires you to add slides with your presentation. Review Adding Visual Aids to a Video for assistance.
Use and cite at least four references (for example, Buttaro, Grubbs, Bickley, and a medical journal) and provide a research article to the class pertaining to your final diagnosis. Your presentation must contain a slide detailing how the research article you chose and presented defends or supports the diagnosis and treatment. Include aReferences page in APA style at the end of your slideshow.
At the conclusion of your presentation, pose two discussion questions for your classmates. Submit your completed presentation to the assignment link below and post it on the Case Presentation Discussion andResponse board (see the link below the Case Presentation Discussion and Responseitem).

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