Clinical Case Report

Clinical Case Report: John Smith. Need to include 5 references with your final Report submission. These references should be from sources such as textbooks, and Australian main sources of information such as national or state Heart Foundation websites. You are not required to include journal searches. Please use in-text citations for your 5 references, but as this assignment is mainly focussed on applying content, most of your questions won`t actually have a reference. Ensure that you use evidence to support your answers, and step through the information. It is similar to how some of you may have experienced high school mathematics marking - you score only a small amount of the marks for each question for the actual overall answer, but most of the marks come from showing your working as you progress towards the answer. The broad purpose of this assignment is to link your bioscience understanding with a clinical case scenario, and use bioscience understanding to support clinical thinking; ensure your answers to the questions are focussed on John`s case. Please use this template to guide you on the structure and word-length of your Clinical Case Report. Delete all yellow highlighted text prior to assignment submission. Safe Assign will be used to check plagiarism.

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