a)    An ER diagram for the system. Show all entities, relationships, cardinalities and optionalities. Also, include all intersection entities. You must use the Finkelstein  methodology as per the study book and tutorials.         (15 Marks)

b)    A list of relations (equivalent to Finkelstein entity list). Produce complete relations for all entities and attributes. Show all primary and foreign keys. Include all attributes that are specifically mentioned and all key attributes. You may need to create primary and foreign keys that are not specifically mentioned. You must use the Finkelstein methodology as per the study book and tutorials.         (15 Marks)

c)    A single SQL statement or multiple statements that create/s the table for the relation training courses for jurors and interns. All key and attribute constraints should be included and data types suitable to each attribute should be chosen. 
(10 Marks)

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