Business Variables

1How does it represent the real problem accurately?
2.Does the variables represented as a linear (straight-line) function or a nonlinear (curved) function. 
3.What are the constraint(s) (capacity)?
a.Upper, Maximum, Minimum or none
b.Construction or Performance
4.Is the model “GOOD” 
a.Is it easy to solve.
b.Is it easy to understand? 
Model Verification
1.How is the model verified?
a.Using the current company data can the model resolve the current situation?
b.Can the model produce a reasonable approximation of the company’s situation using a similar dataset to get an output from the model which is reasonable? 
i.One common approach is to use extreme values of the inputs to determine whether the outputs behave as they should. 
ii.For queuing models, using extremely large service rate or a service rate just barely above the arrival rate 
c.Does the model reduce uncertainty…how?

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