Business Research Method

The proposal should be one that you can realistically carry out, so you need to consider available resource requirements as you create your design. 2. Define your research question in its context in existing literature. You do not have to make a complete literature review, but you do have to provide evidence that your proposed investigation is relevant and able to supply new information. 3. Discuss the methods you would use to carry out the research. You should cover the issues of access to your target population, the proposed sampling method, the instrument(s) to be used and the recording of data. You need to defend your basic method as appropriate, and your sampling method as compatible with it. You do not need to provide validation of your Instrument(s), but you should explain the methods and criteria you would use in such validation. 4. Specify how you would analyse your data. Explain the methods to be used, what specific techniques you would be able to use, and what skills you would need to call on or acquire.

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