Business Accounting & Finance

Task You are required to complete all questions and submit all necessary workings. Follow the assignment requirements (refer below to the Requirements section)
very closely.
Content Assessed
Topic 1 Introduction to Financial management
Question 1
How do you expect this subject will help you in your career?
Question 2
2.1 Read Topic 1 Online in topics or download the topic 1 PDF. Explain P A L E R. Give examples of each component.
2.2 Distinguish between cash and accrual accounting. In what circumstances is each system appropriate? Give examples.
2.3 Evaluate the following statement "dividends are distributions of profits".
2.4 Study Appendix 15A in the text. List and briefly describe 4 accounting concepts or principles, giving examples of each. Also use the Internet as a
Question 3
Analysis of transactions; Preparation of Financial Statements (adapted from Horngren et al 15-B2)
The XYZ Group, headquartered in Wagga Wagga, NSW, is one of the leading manufacturers of farming equipment. Their condensed balance sheet data at
January 1, 2015, follows (in $ million):

Price: £ 145

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