Building Competitive Advantage through Business-Level Strategy

Building Competitive Advantage through Business-Level Strategy

38. To
create a successful business model, managers must choose a set of
business-level strategies that

39. Which
of the following is not a generic competitive strategy?

40. The
main difference between companies following a cost leadership strategy and
those following a focused cost leadership strategy is

41. A
large company produces a variety of clothing for different customer groups.
This firm is pursuing which of the following strategies?

42. The
most expensive competitive strategy to pursue is

43. In
which of the following situations does a differentiation strategy make the most

44. A
shrinking market segment poses the greatest threat to a company pursuing which
off the following strategies?

45. Jordan’s
ice cream stand offers different combinations of premium flavors, cones, and
toppings to create hundreds of extravagant, customized products. Which generic
strategy is Jordan following in the restaurant industry?

46. Market
segmentation is best described as what type of process?

47. Companies
that successfully differentiate a product often charge ____ prices for them

48. A
company pursuing a cost-leadership strategy does which of the following?

49. If
a company uses a focused cost-leadership strategy, it competes in the market
segments where

50. A
strategic group is a group of companies within a particular industry

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