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Question 1.Enquiries into very many received tenets and commonly presumed truths, also known simply
as Pseudodoxia Epidemica or Vulgar Errors, is a work by Thomas Browne challenging and
refuting the `vulgar` or common errors and superstitions of his age. Browne`s three determinants
for obtaining truth were firstly, the authority of past authors, secondly, the act of reason and
lastly, empirical experience.
E.J. Merton summarised the ambiguities of Browne`s scientific view-point thus
"Here is Browne`s scientific point of view in a nutshell. One lobe of his brain wants to
study facts and test hypotheses on the basis of them, the other is fascinated by mystic
symbols and analogies."
Discus in terms of accounting first and then in relation to auditing
Question 2.Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to fix.
What does this say about the auditor/management relationship?
Question 3.This is Martin Shkreli
Who is he and what does his story tell us about corporations, shareholders, accounting and
auditing – if anything.

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