BSN414 Quantitative Research Methods

Your task for this assignment is to:1.Conduct an Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) using SPSS. 
2.Write up the results of the FA including labels for the factors.
3.Conduct a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) based on the outcome of the EFA.
4.Write up the results of the CFA.
Please note: There are no objectively right or wrong solutions for this task; the important thing is that you justify your key decisions. Very different solutions/results can potentially get full marks if correctly justified.
In addition, you will be expected to produce a number of tables that are referred to in your write up of the results of your analyses. These tables include: 
1.A table of the results of the EFA
2.A table of the results of the CFA 
3.A table of descriptive statistics for the variables you have created based on the FA and CFA (such mean, standard deviation, correlations, and Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficients

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