Brief overview of project, main aim of project, potential findings and conclusions

1/ Executive Summary
Brief overview of project, main aim of project, potential findings and conclusions
2/ Introduction
Presents general project area, relevance of project, specific investigation of project and a brief outline of proposal to follow
3/ Literature Review
Critically reviews existing work, identifies relevant research areas and any opposing views. Links to the gap your project will fill
4/ Research Question/s, Aim & Sub-goals
Provides precise and measurable research question/s that the project aim will answer. States project aim and steps to meet aim. Presents tangible sub-goals
5/ Theoretical Content
Clear theoretical basis for work e.g. hypothesis, theoretical approach/es. Shows impact of theory on project steps
6/ Experimental Set-up
Discussion of  lab and/or field set-up and potential limitations
7/ Results, Outcome and Relevance
Explanation of data, variables and parameters and type of results to be investigated. Makes projection of outcome and shows relevance of outcome
8/ Project Planning and Gantt Chart
Transforms sub-goals into a schedule of work using a Gantt Chart showing: the three key review points, milestones and deliverables
9/ Conclusions
Clear precise conclusions on proposed work. Makes supported statement on the longer-term impact of the work on the project area
10/ Referencing
Citations and References list correctly follow Harvard UTS referencing style, with consistent use between text and list
11/ Organisation
Logical organization, reasonable amount of information and flowing paragraphs
12/ Grammar
Grammar and spelling mostly used well, not distracting the reader

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