Bric Economic

1. What are the current exchange rate regimes of the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia and China)?

2. Why has Brazil changed its exchange rate regime over the years?

3. What variable affects the Russian ruble?

4. By how much did the yuan appreciate against the dollar on July 21, 2005? 

5. How has the yuan`s appreciation since July 21, 2005, affected the U.S. trade deficit with China? (Why this has happened is discussed in Chapter 5.)

6. How did the crawling-peg system in place from 2005 to 2008 likely affect inflows of hot money to China? To affect the PBOC`s ability to control the money supply and inflation?

7. What is the likely reason for the Chinese government again fixing the yuan to the dollar upon the outbreak of the global economic crisis?

8. Why has China adopted capital controls?


9. Why will China probably relax its capital controls eventually?

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