Biology Semester


You are required to design, research, conduct, analyse, discuss and evaluate your own experiment linked to any relevant biological issue. 


You should choose an experiment or topic related to any of the units of learning covered in the biology course to date.  

Assessment timeline:

You have 8 weeks to complete this task.  Your draft and your final should both be submitted in electronic and printed form at the start of the lesson to your teacher on the due date.



This written task has 3 parts. 


1. An Experiment Proposal including a Risk Assessment – detailing the equipment you require, your methodology and expected outcomes.  (Length as required). 


Your topic and methodology must be approved (by your teacher) before any experiments can begin. Experiments performed previously by other people may be used, but you should clearly show how the procedure has been modified to test your own hypothesis. 


2. A Log Book is to be kept throughout the investigation.  

A log book is an essential scientific tool in research.  It is like a ‘diary’ in which you record a running conversation about your experiment process.   It should have a mixture of text types including paragraphs, dot point notes, sketches, brainstorms, tables, graphs, doodles etc. 

An Experiment Report

This is a word-processed document that follows the laboratory report format.  This report will include a review of relevant scientific literature, your methodology, data collection and analysis (graphs) and a conclusion that reflects how your findings could be useful in the ‘real world’.

Your introduction has a maximum of two pages.

The discussion, evaluation & conclusion section counts towards the word limit 

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