BCO1049 Business Process Modelling

Using the vendor master record that you created in you MM workshop, enter your name as the Salesperson on the Purchasing Data screen of the Change Vendor transaction  
 Report 2 Produce a Display Changes to Vendor report showing the change that you made to the Vendor Master record in Task 3.  
Section B: Purchasing 
Task 4 Create a new Purchase Requisition for 50 Child Deluxe Bikes, to be delivered to Plant MI00, Storage location TG00, in 1 month from today.  
 Report 3 Use the List Display of Purchase Requisitions to list the Purchase Requisition that was created in Task 4.  
Task 5 Convert the PR from Task 4 into a Purchase Order. 
 Vendor number: your vendor number.  Purchasing Organisation: US00  Net Price: USD$ 900 

Price: £ 119

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