Based on the first and second phase of the ITIL adoption as described in the case study

Structure, presentation and introduction 10% Your report should include a letter of transmittal, executive summary and introduction to the report.  
Part 1. Ongoing ITSM at HBZS 15% 
Based on the first and second phase of the ITIL adoption as described in the case study, advise Mr Gurny on future improvements to ITSM at HBZS. For example, should additional ITIL processes be adopted, or should the existing processes be improved? 
Part 2. Service Transition 20% 
Mr Gurny is aware that the Service Transition phase causes many operational issues in other firms. From your reading of the case and knowledge from the course, discuss the Service Transition processes in place at HBZS and advise Mr Gurney on the critical transition processes and how these processes are inter-related to other ITIL and HBSZ processes. 
Part 3. Service Operation 20% 
CIS5308 Management of IT Services 2016 Sem 1  Assignment 4 - Page 4  
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One of current challenges is the possibility that HBZS will totally outsource the IT department. The case mentions a few of the ITIL Service Operation processes and the Service Desk function. Mr Gurney has asked for your advice regarding the benefits and limitations of outsourcing only the Service Desk while maintaining the other functions of the internal IT department.  
Part 4. CSI and Business-IT Alignment 15% 
Mr Gurney has mentioned that the IT department moved from a technological point of view to a service point of view. He intends to establish a formalised continual service improvement (CSI) process. Discuss the current service reporting in place, and how it could be extended in the future. What is your advice to Mr Gurney on how he can foster the Business-IT partnership at all levels of the HBZS? 
Part 5. Conclusions and Recommendations to the IT Manager 10% 
Provide a summary of your findings and make recommendations to the IT Manager.

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