BAO5736 Managerial Control Systems

1. Statoil managers claim that their company no longer prepares a budget. What do they mean by that claim? (5 marks)

2. Why did Statoil decide to abandon budgeting? (5 marks)
3. Describe the new processes that Statoil implemented to replace the budget. What are its strengths and weaknesses? (8 marks)

4. Is the Statoil “Ambition-to-Action” system just a routine implementation of the Beyond Budgeting approach, or does it include some additional features or fail to uphold some of the Beyond Budgeting principles? (8 marks)

5. The “Beyond Budgeting” approach is still relatively rare outside Europe. Why? Is there something about non-European cultures that limits its applicability, or are other companies just slow to catch on to an innovation that has started in Europe? (6 marks)

6. Statoil managers were displeased with the traditional budgeting process that the company formerly used. Why? (7marks)

7. What are the major differences between a traditional budgeting process and the
Statoil “Ambition-to-Action” process? (7 marks)

8.  Referencing using Harvard style and presentation (4 marks)

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