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Find and read the High Court case of RP v The Queen [2016] HCA 53. This case can be found on the Australian Legal Information Institute website (Austlii): The purpose of this assignment is to understand the essentials of reading a case for the purposes of ascertaining its value as a precedent. This is an appeal from the Court of Criminal Appeal of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Please answer the following questions: 1. What are the material facts of this case? (10 marks) 2. What were the grounds of appeal? (3 marks) 3. Procedural history: What was said at first instance? What was said in the Court of Criminal Appeal? (7 marks) 4. What was argued on behalf of the appellant? (3 marks) 5. What was argued on behalf of the respondent? (2 marks) 6. What did the High Court decide? Why? (15 marks) Max.

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