Assess how promotion is regulated

Unit 18 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment Brief


The purpose of this assignment is for learners to demonstrate an understanding of the various issues facing managers in today’s marketing environment help. This assignment requires that you write a report to show you understand the relationships and responsibilities in various sectors.
The one report is to be written to a maximum of 5000 words. It should be written in four parts because each learning outcome is very different.

L.O. 1

1.1 Explain the communication process that applies to advertising and promotion.
1.2 Explain the organisation of the advertising and promotions industry.
1.3 Assess how promotion is regulated
1.4. Examine current trends in advertising and promotion including the impact of ICT

L.O. 2

2.1 Explain the role of advertising in an integrated promotional strategy for a fast food business.
2.2 Explain branding and how it is used to strengthen a business or product
2.3 Review the creative aspects of advertising
2.4 Examine ways of working with advertising agencies

L.O. 3

3.1Assume that you have recently been promoted to the position of Advertising Managerof a Cosmetics company; explain the primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how you will use them in an integrated promotional strategy for your business.
3.2 Evaluate other techniques used in below-the-line promotion used.

L.O. 4

4.1 (A) How would you design an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy for
4.1 (B) State how you would follow an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy
4.2 Assume that you have recently been appointed the Advertising Managerof a car manufacturing company. Carry out the development of a promotional plan for the new brand of car called ‘’Cricket’’ recently launched by the company
4.3 How would you plan the integration of promotional techniques into the promotional strategy for achocolate bar?
4.4 What appropriate techniques would you use for measuring campaign effectiveness?

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