Applicable course objective:

Applicable course objective:
•demonstrate problem-solving skills by identifying and resolving issues relating to information systems and their components, and proficiently utilise different types of information systems software (especially gaining proficiency in utilising databases, spreadsheets, and presentation applications). 
•demonstrate written communication skills by understanding basic information communication and technology (ICT) terminology for effective communication and applying it within a business environment.
Applicable graduate qualities and skills gained from this assessment instrument: 
•Problem Solving (Skill U2)
•Written & Oral Communication (Skill U4)
This assignment is quite complex, and exposes you to many different components in Microsoft Access (any version from Access 2007 to current), some or all of which might be very unfamiliar to you. The assignment description provides some explanation of how to use these components, but you are also expected to use available resources such as Online Help, the Beskeen et al text, the Practical Skills sections at the end of each Module in the Study Materials, the SAM online tutorial activities and the course discussion forums, as well as exploring and experimenting on your own.

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