Apple`s Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple’s supply chain, cash holding
and operating leverage strategies? What risks do they pose for Apple both nationally
and internationally? (2 marks)
2. Do you agree with how Apple had used its cash holding and operating leverage to
boost performance? Explain your position. (2 marks)
3. Describe Apple’s Cash Conversion Cycle and explain the measures it implemented
pertaining to CCC to ensure that profitability is maximised. Discuss the implications
in the context of inventory conversion period, average collection period and
payables deferral period. (2 marks)
4. What would be a good measure for profitability to gauge the efficiency of the supply
chain and the cash conversion cycle for Apple? Why and how? (2 marks)
5. What are Apple’s risk exposures as a multinational corporation? Identify five unique
risks and your recommendations to minimise/mitigate these risks. (2 marks)

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