AMU ISSC 341 – Big Data and Analytics

AMU ISSC 341 – Big Data and Analytics

Project ProposalISSC323Paul CailleteauBig Data and AnalyticsIntroductionThis research paper is based on the latest trending technology of computer science, that is BigData and Analytics. This paper will demonstrate how this technology is playing the vital role inthe field of computer science and how it is differentiating with the traditional approach of dataprocessing and extracting information from that. Analytics is the data processing mechanismwhich processes the huge data storage and extracts the useful information out of that so that anyorganization can look on the information derived from the analytics platform and take it as theinput for the decision making. Analytics can plot the data in the form of a chart, graph and trendover time so that management can easily look at the visual information and easily interpret it.Topics demonstrated in the PaperIn this paper I will explain various aspects of the topic big data and analytics which are listeddown as belowTechnology involved in Big Data and AnalyticsFuture trends in the Big data and analyticsCompanies involved in the area of Big data and AnalyticsRegulatory issues surrounding the Big Data and AnalyticsGlobal implications of the Big Data AnalyticsFinding of the Research PaperThe point of this research paper is to understand this technology in depth and how it works andwhat all tools and applications are available in the market to so that huge data is being processedby the various organizations for their business intelligence and positive decision making. We alsotried to get rid of the regulatory complication regarding the storing and processing of huge dataand how user data privacy can be maintained while giving deep insight about the data for thepredictive decision taking. We also tried to dig out the circumstances of the big data andanalytics in the global market. How organizations are getting benefitted with the use of the dataanalytics in the global market for the targeted decision making.

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