Alternative Investment

Discussion and understanding of seven (7) types of alternative investments available on financial and other markets, along with a description of their main features, investment returns  achieved and/or targeted, risks attaching to each selected alternative investment and an illustrative example of each type selected. 


Component 2 - 7 marks – RESEARCH – EXTENT AND APPLICATION. Discussion and detailed understanding of alternative investments in the investment portfolio construction and management process, including . reasons for investing in them. Extent of research and source referencing.


Component 3 – 4 marks – RECOMMENDATIONS / CONCLUSIONS. Following the above analysis and application of your research, state any recommendations which emerge for investor portfolio managers and investors, and – separately - summarise your overall conclusions.


Component 4 - 5 marks – PRESENTATION. Clear and concise expression, professional presentation, grammar, spelling and the use of graphs, tables and appropriate source referencing of material, charts, tables, etc.


The purpose of this Assignment is to test your initiative as advanced degree students, and your ability to discover information and apply this to portfolio management .


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