AHCNSY401A Plan a Growing on Program

OHS hazards associated with undertaking propagation activities, and the controls necessary to remove or minimise risks associated with them
ii. practical understanding of the OHS and environmental issues associated with use and disposal of propagation media
iii. enterprise and industry hygiene standards required for propagation activities, including relevant quarantine regulations
iv. industry and enterprise quality specifications for parent plants and propagation materials
v. common problems that may occur while performing propagation activities in a controlled environment, and preventative/corrective action that may apply
vi. processes and techniques for preparing, costing and documenting plans for and scheduling propagation activities
vii. identification, propagation and establishment techniques required for a range of plant varieties and cultivars
viii. monitoring staff performance
ix. Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and related legislation
x. aftercare requirements for a range of propagated plant varieties and cultivars
xi. testing methods applied to propagation media
xii. preferred types of propagation media for different species
xiii. chemical, cultural and biological pest, weed and disease control techniques
xiv. application techniques for chemical and non-chemical intervention or treatments.
xv. Worksafe Australia criteria for the labelling and handling of hazardous substances
xvi. enterprise and industry hygiene standards required for growing-on activities
xvii. environmental implications of the disposal of chemicals or chemical containers, and the drainage of high nutrient effluent
xviii. optimal growing requirements of nursery plants
xix. enterprise and industry quality standards of nursery plant production

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