Administrative Services

For this assignment, learners are provided with a freedom to assess the discussion in a form of report from secondary sources like books, journals, articles and so on based on a chosen organisation with your preferences. 
You are required to choose a business organisation of your choice in which you will extensively carry out research in relation to administrative services. You will need to justify how this helps improve the organisation overall and apply your research for the following tasks.
Be able to investigate the procedures necessary for the monitoring of the chosen administrative service    

Task 1
a)    Evaluate at least three services provided by the selected business organisation and the users of these services. Explain the importance of these services and their effect on the business. Please provide examples where these services have had either negative or positive impact.   
b)    Analyse the decision makers in your chosen organisation and the lines of communications supported by applicable examples. 
c)    Examine the relevant legal and regulatory requirements for the organisation such as relevant current legislation on data protection, health and safety, equal opportunities  and so on 
d)    Discuss how your chosen organisation carries out regular checking that their administrative services, systems and procedures are being used correctly taking appropriate corrective action if necessary. Explain how they encourage the users of the service to comment on the effectiveness of the service and the systems and procedures reinforced by applicable examples.
e)    Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the company current administrative services and recommend any identified improvements.  

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