Accounting Transactions

Case: You have the option to either work electronically or print off a hard copy of the Excel File which contains the Specialised Journal, General Journal and Ledger Accounts. The necessary accounts as well as blank accounts to be used if needed have been included. The opening and reversing entries have been completed for you. You will be re-entering the transaction data from Completion Point 1 as well as a number of new transactions into the “new” system using specialised journals/
Task 1: Using the excel file provided for Completion Point 2 you must enter the transactions below into the Specialised Journals and then update the Ledger accounts as required. You can either print the forms and do this in hard copy or enter them electronically. (The transactions below include previous transactions that you have completed using only the General Journal and a number of new transactions)
Task 2: Once you have completed the data entry above, you will need complete Schedules for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and you will need to create a Balance Sheet dated 30 June 2016. These tasks can either be done in hard copy or electronically. 
Remember at this point accuracy of data entry is being checked, however the majority of the marks will be awarded based on the fact that all transactions have been entered. All work completed must then be uploaded to the submission point in learnonline, either as an excel file or as scans of the printed hard copies.

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