ACC700 Principles of Accounting

a.    What your group have research about current and future technology, accountant skills and ethics and career opportunities for  those who pursue accounting careers?
b.    What information has surprised your group ?  
c.    The technology, the accountant skills, the ethics and the career opportunities your group have researched may reflect an Australian viewpoint.  Choose a country that members of your group may have an interest in, or knowledge about.   Briefly discuss what aspects of the technology, the accountant skills, the ethics the career opportunities would have to be considered and what changes/adaptations your group might need to make.
d.    What is your group opinion on the value of studying/taking accounting courses? 
6.    Conclusion or recommendation (Times new Roman 12 point);
7.    Reference (Times new Roman 11 point);
8.    Appendix
a.    Job Advertisements related to accountant or this assignment
b.    Group Work Activity Report where the group meeting minutes should be attached.

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