a) The position and nature of turning points

sk 1 - Merit
For the equation y = x3 – 10x + 16 calculate using differentiation:
a)    The position and nature of turning points
b)    Sketch the curve
The sketch must show –
•    The position the curve crosses the Y axis
•    The position of the turning points
Task 2 - Distinction
A rectangle sheet of metal 120mm x 75mm has equal square cut from its corners and is formed into an open box. Form this information calculate the following:
•    An expression for the volume of the box
•    Find the value of x so that the volume is a maximum
•    Calculate the maximum volume of the box
•    Find the surface area of the box when its volume is at a maximum

The grade awarded for this assignment will be aggregated with that obtained in the unit end test and be assessed using the three grading descriptors shown below.
Understanding the subject
Application of skills
The ‘Quality Grade descriptor’ will be applied to your mathematical communication, quality of your mathematical arguments and eviden

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