a. The final network diagram

Starting from the logical design of the network that you completed in Assessment item 1, you are required to undertake the physical design of the network taking into consideration the feedback that you received in Assessment Item 1. In order to undertake your physical design, you may need to make further justifiable assumptions. You also have to complete your final network design report.

In this process, you are expected to participate in the weekly discussions and find the answers to the recommended discussion questions.  Discussion questions have been selected and created not only to gradually increase your knowledge and skills in this course but also to help produce the final network design report.  The students who do not attempt weekly discussion questions would very likely produce a report that would not satisfy the requirements and/or that cannot be justified.


Your report should include the following:

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Table of Contents

3.      Project Goal

4.      Project Scope

5.      Design requirements

a.       Business Goals

b.      Technical Goals

c.       User Communities and Network Applications

d.      List of Assumptions

6.      Logical Network Design

a.       The logical network diagrams including addressing and naming

b.      The explanation and justification of your logical design

c.       The list of routing and switching protocols, and security mechanisms

7.      Physical Network Design

a.       The final network diagram

b.      The table of networking & communication devices and applications required, including the cost of each of them, the IP addresses, the product numbers as well as the approximate total cost

c.       The explanation and justification for the selection of the devices and applications required.

d.      Write a test plan that can be used to test the new network.

e.       Write one detailed test script for your test plan.

8.      Brief Reflection (maximum two A4 pages): Justify how your work in this course has satisfied the course learning outcomes. For your justification, you should also use the agreed outcomes of the weekly discussion questions. Your tutor will keep a copy of the agreed outcomes of the weekly discussion questions and use them when marking your brief reflection.  Also include one thing that you liked about this course giving the reason and suggest an improvement to the course with the justification. Use the list of headings given below for your reflection:

a.       Prepare the user, business and security requirements of the organisation in relation to network design.

b.      Analyse the user, business and security requirements.

c.       Compare and contrast the possible alternative logical and physical network designs.

d.      Design a network by applying the top-down network design methodology.

e.       Create the final documentation of the designed network.

f.       Justify that the designed network satisfies the requirements.

g.       One thing you liked the most about this course.

h.      One suggestion to improve the course.

The report must follow Harvard citation and referencing guidelines

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