a) Provide an informative brief for the line manager which details:

When developing your plan you must complete the following: 
a)    Provide an informative brief for the line manager which details:

•    specific policies and procedures to be adhered to 
•    legislation which may have been breached
•    a summary of the grievance process which should be followed (Conduct research or use information from your current or previous workplace to gather this information)
•    a summary of the process to be followed when they meet with Louie to implement the performance plan (what factors need to be considered based on the procedures outlined in Appendix A and B?).

b)    Develop a Performance Management Improvement Plan for Louie which is to be given to the line manager for implementation. Your performance plan must address the following points:

•    list the performance issues which need addressing
•    write four development objectives for the performance issues identified 

c)    Develop an Action Plan outline for each of the four objectives you have identified and include for each objective the following:

i.    how the development objective action plan is linked to the organisation`s strategic plans and performance management policies. Address any Quality Assurance standards in your answer
ii.    the action and/or strategy required to ensure the objective is achieved, including any required benchmarks for each objective which ensure compliance to quality assurance standards of the organisation
iii.    the specified timeframes for the completion of action and/or strategy
iv.    the resources required, including any external resources. Where external resources are required, identify and list potential remedial actions for non-achievement
v.    the process for contracting an external provider to deliver training to Louie on customer service which meets the protocols and standards in the policies and procedures for the organisation 
vi.    who is responsible for which action/s including your role as mediator if necessary

d)    Create a report template to track progress and monitor the effectiveness of Louie’s training and performance outcomes. Include the use of statistical/numerical data and figures such as percentages or graphs to demonstrate level of competency and completion rates measured against the specified timeframes.

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