a. Outline the purpose of the case study.

)    a brief description of the type of service you are applying the critical issue to (using service classification frameworks and a blueprint), 
ii)    a critical analysis using relevant services marketing concepts and frameworks to address the issue and identify problems; 
iii)    make specific recommendations of how the organization should be dealing with the issue. 
Your report and presentation should include the following sections:
•    Abstract (no more than 200 words)
a.    Outline the purpose of the case study.
b.    Outline the issues and findings of the case study without the specific details.
c.    Identify the theory and course concepts that will be used.
d.    Outline the recommendations without the specific details.

•    Background (no more than 300 words)
a.    Description of the type of service in your case study (using service classification frameworks)
b.    Identify the service processes in your case study (using a blueprint – the blueprint will not be included in the word limit)

•    Relevant Theories / Findings
a.    Identify the problems found in the case. Each analysis of a problem should be supported by facts given in the case together with the relevant theory and course concepts. 
b.    Identify and explain the relevant theory and course concepts.

•    Discussion / Recommendations
a)    Using appropriate service marketing framework, identify alternative solutions to this/these major problem/s (there is likely to be more than one solution per problem).
b)    If appropriate, choose which of the alternative solutions should be adopted.
c)    Specify the implementation of these solutions (i.e., Explain what should be done, by whom and by when).

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