a) List the objectives of the proposed remuneration strategy.

1 Develop organisation’s remuneration strategy 
2 Implement remuneration strategy 
3 Review and update remuneration strategy 

 Task One: Develop organisation’s remuneration strategy
Your proposed remuneration strategy should cover the following information: 
a)    List the objectives of the proposed remuneration strategy.
b)    List all the remuneration benefits relevant to these jobs, and ensure these benefits are covered under this proposed remuneration strategy 
c)    List all legislation and changes that you have considered when developing your proposed remuneration strategy.
d)    Evidence for research on market rates, and comparison with other organisations
e)    Your proposed strategy should motivate employees and make them feel that Sai Educational Institute is their desirable workplace. 
f)    Show how the proposed strategy links with organisational strategic objectives.

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