a) Investigate and record the data on the carbon dioxide footprint (CO2e) of ICT within the ANU.

The main objectives of this project are to:
a) Investigate and record the data on the carbon dioxide footprint (CO2e) of ICT within the ANU.
b) Identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint of ICT within the ANU.
c) Work with stakeholders to identify industry trends in the adoption of green IT practices and evaluate energy
efficient technology that can reduce the environmental impact of ICT.
d) Identify government incentives available to companies adopting sustainable IT practices.
e) Increase awareness amongst stakeholders about Green ICT.
f) Reduce the carbon emissions of ICT across the campus by 10% by June 2011.
a) Regularly review and assess major project risks
b) Assist in the mitigation and avoidance of major project risks
c) Review and make decisions on issues and risks promoted to the committee from the Project Management
d) Approve all key project messages and communications
e) Report progress to ANU Executive
B. Project Management Group
The Project Management Group (PMG) will meet on a regular basis to act as a reviewing body for functional decisions
and processes connected to the project. The group will approve business decisions and processes. Any unresolved
issues will be escalated to the Steering Committee for resolution.
The PMG will have the following responsibilities in relation to the project:
a) Review and approve issues, business process changes, functionality changes, and communications
b) Formulate process and procedural recommendations to be implemented in support of the project deliverables.
c) Develop policy change recommendations to appropriate University authorities in regard to project
d) Assist with resource requirements, selection of focus group members, and formation of additional project
work groups to complete project work as required
e) Develop working assignments for its membership and focus groups based on project requirements
f) Aid communication throughout The University regarding project tasks and messages during the course of the
g) Act as advocates for the project among peer groups

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